Construction Projects Dashboard


No clutter and no confusion! Intuitive user friendly dashboard keeps all your important searches, favourites and diary items on a single accessible screen.


Interactive maps

Identify project hotspots instantly, search for ‘what’s nearby’ and improve your journey planning – ideal for mobile and tablet devices.



Select important projects and create your own tailored reports in PDF or MS Excel format.


Pipeline Manager

Enjoy the benefits of a sales CRM system but without the cost or complexity! Profile your BuildingInfo leads by your sales value, expected close date, product, sales rep and lead status. Generate pipeline reports to give you an instant top level view of your sales team’s performance. Combined with diary, notes and reminders you will have ultimate control of your sales team’s performance.


Diary, Notes & Reminders

Collaborate with colleagues, set reminders for important follow ups and create important notes against key projects. Display upcoming project commencements and important tender deadline dates with 1 click. Easily accessed through your BuildingInfo dashboard.


Project Archive

Never get hassled again with tonnes of unnecessary updates. Our clients love our project archive function – if a project represents little opportunity to you, simply archive it and focus your attention on realistic project opportunities.


Email updates & Alerts

Receive weekly email alerts on your most important project searches and get up-to-the-minute alerts on your project and company favourites.



Stay updated on key projects, top construction firms and architects – add to favourites with 1 click.


Saved Searches

Create as many searches as you need and save them for easy access next time you login.


Find Projects & Companies

Target new projects in a few clicks. Search easily by sector, stage, region and contract value and identify the most relevant leads for your business. Target contractors, architects and other industry professionals with the company search tool.